Posah Lisa
12 March
: anime, alchemy, aliens, american mcgee's alice, amsterdam, anime, antiqeu, antique, baking, barbapapa, barbeque, beauty, beursen, birds, black, blood bowl dead things, bloomers, books, brains, buckles, building terrains, butterflies, candles, chessboards, chesspieces, chii, churches, clothing, cookies, corsets, cute things, d&d, dolldresses, dollhouses, dolls, dragon skulls, dragons, drama:p, drawing with photoshop, dresses, dvds, dwarfstars, elegant things, evolution, fabeldieren, fire, flowers, forests, gamecube, gas masks, gloves, gothic, greekish food, green stuff, haar raar doen, headpieces, herfs, high heel boots, hippys, history, hoopskirts, horror, in the starlight, jewellery, kleren(maken), knights, kralenkettingen, lace, little children, little hats, lizards, lolitamerken, love, make-up, making things, manga, me kleine zusje, microsofrost, mirrors, mountains, music, my fiance bert, my gf hildekitten, my grandpa, my rabbit, nerds, nice people, painting, pancakes, parasols, patterns, paul, pc games, pink, powder boxes, psychiatric tests, pvc, pyramids, rain, random spooky things, random urges of creativity, rariteitenkabinet, red, ribbons, robots, romantic stories, roses, science fiction, sewing, shoes, skeletons, skirts, skulls, slakkenhuisjes, snow, stars, startrek, starwars, stockings, strawberry red lips, swans, teh new spot, the archeon, the eggsong, the sky, the weather, tigh-highs, tight waist, tohru/juka, tree's, twins, uniforms, vikings, violins, war documentaires, warhammer, warships, watching movies, water, white, white wolf forums, wierd stories, wigs, wolfert, wormholes, xbox, zigeuners, zoophabets, zwanebedden